Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Adoption Story

We are adopting because we believe God has called us to open our home up to orphans. Back in January, 2011, both Trey and Robyn had separate individual experiences where God began to impress upon their hearts this calling to pursue adoption. In mid-January, we were discussing this tug in our hearts, and we both saw this as God’s leading us to stop “talking” about adoption and start “doing” something about it. We both agreed that God had prepared our hearts with “extra love” that was stored up for children that were not yet living with us. We also saw how our decision to homeschool last year was the leap of faith that God used to prepare our home for bringing adopted children in where they could have personalized attention. In addition, we have seen how God has prepared our own children’s personalities to be suitable for the flexibility needed in an adoption.

In deciding to adopt internationally, we both were directed toward the Philippines after reading about the extreme cases of child trafficking and the sex-slave trade in the country.  In addition, we feel called to adopt a sibling group of 2-3 children because tsibling groups are, in general, more difficult to place for adoption since the agencies try to keep them intact as a family.

We also believe our adoption calling and experience is part of God’s plan to encourage our young church plant and the students we work with at Norwich University. We pray that God will use our journey and testimony of His provision for this adoption as a discipleship opportunity for our church to learn about God’s heart for the fatherless and God’s provision for those who obey His calling. Therefore, in response to God’s leading in our lives, we are pursuing an international adoption from the Philippines of a sibling group of 2-3 children.

Please see the post below for information on how you can help us bring our future children home!


  1. Robyn and Trey...first off love the picture...kids are getting so big! Will be praying for your sweet family as you all embark on this wonderful journey!

    Sue Anne

  2. Robyn, it will be fun to follow your blog! It's always wonderful to see God bring a child home!

  3. Good luck to you and Trey!

  4. I'm so excited for you guys! Adopting our daughter from China was & still is one of the most wonderful decisions that God ever led us to make. I can't wait to follow your journey. And hang in there, all that paperwork & waiting will be worth it in the end. I promise!