Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I sometimes feel like the Little Engine That Could. With each step of this adoption, I find myself saying, "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can..." I can't wait until the moment on the other side of the hill when I can change that to "I knew I could...I knew I could...I knew I could..."

We know that nothing can be accomplished for God's glory without Him being in it. It is no less true for this adoption. We can look at the financial bottom line and say, "There's no way." Trust me, we've had plenty of moments to be tempted with this thinking. However, we are viewing this time as an opportunity to have our faith increased. We wait with anticipation to see how He will bring it all to pass. In the meantime, we are still faithfully completing paperwork and doing what we can to secure necessary funds. We are so thankful for those who have already visited our coffee storefront and made purchases. Every little bit helps!

If you don't know about Just Love Coffee, you can read more about it in our earlier blog entry, "Drink Coffee...Support Adoption". Through this organization we are able to raise support for the many costs associated with international adoption. By going to our storefront located at, you can place orders for coffee. For each bag that is sold through our storefront (you have to make sure it's ours, so type the address in as stated) we receive $5.00 to go towards our adoption costs.

The biggest thing we were able to cross off our dossier list this week was the I-800a. This vital piece of paperwork will basically allow us to immigrate our to-be-children back to the United States. It takes about 8 weeks to hear back from them, so we must be patient in the meantime. This is not an attribute I am known for.

Please continue to pray for our family through this adoption journey.


  1. Robyn, you can...or should I say God this through you. I know the waiting is agonizing, but there is nothing like holding your precious child for the first time. I still look at the financial aspect of our adoption & don't know how it all came together-except through the grace & provision of God. Here's an article I wrote for our adoption agency's magazine. I hope it will provide some encouragement for you along the way:

  2. I understand 100%... but God sure does show us how much He cares for orphans. The finances will come through! Praying for y'all every step of the way!!!!