Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking a Break

If it were left to us, we would continue working at the pace to which we’ve become accustomed and never leave time for rest. Rest seems so contrary to what we do. In church planting, as with most ministerial occupations, you are “on call” at all hours of the day. You made the commitment to minister to those God brings along your path regardless of your personal level of fatigue. To leave in the midst of a busy summer to take a break with the family almost carries with it a feeling of guilt. So that must mean it’s not something we are supposed to do, right?

Wrong. I don’t have to break down all the verses in the Bible that address the necessity of rest and our correct handling of rest. God calls us to rest just as He calls us to work. Logically, how can we be fit for service without periods of rest? Sometimes this rest is forced, like when we are sick and must stay in bed. Other times, He makes it obvious that it is a time of rest when He provides so clearly for it.

This is what happened to us. God used two sets of people who have never met to provide us with a family vacation. The first group handled three nights in hotels for us in the Boston and Sturbridge areas of Massachusetts. The second couple provided the funds to explore these areas without having to worry about the effects on our personal budget. So our family took the first "touristy" vacation we’ve ever had alone to do things we’ve never done before. (Trips to visit family don’t qualify as “vacations”.)

I cannot express how humbled I’ve been by this entire experience. God continued to provide for us as the trip progressed with little add-ons like a gas card given to us for our return trip home.

And now that we are back…it’s time to get back to work!

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